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Interview with JOFF from SAVAGE MESSIAH


After Savage Massiah’s blistering set at Bloodstock, we caught up with JOFF from the band to see how it went for them!

Thanks for talking to Lyric Lounge Review. You’ve just blown the cobwebs off for everyone this morning, how was it for you?

J: It was awesome, really good, the crowd response was really good…I’m surprised so many people turned out for us to be honest! We had a few issues getting here, our van hire company pulled out right at the last minute so we didn’t arrive till 6.30 this morning, then the lorry came at half 7 to suck out the bogs! So we were a bit groggy this morning!

Is Bloodstock a Festival you’ve been to before, even before you were in a band?

J: I’ve played here before with an old band in 2009, OMT, then I came back in 2010. You can’t beat the atmosphere here, man…everyone’s up for a party.

Is there anyone you’re hoping to bump into this weekend?

J: Aaah TESTAMENT man, definitely…

…a big influence on you and Savage Messiah then?

J: God yeah, I remember jamming along to them as a kid, sitting on the edge of the bed… Machine Head too, we bumped into them before and they were great guys.

You have no problem with the Machine Head booking at Bloodstock then? It’s been a controversial one for some people?

J: Not at all, they absolutely destroy live, people should stop p*ss*ng and moaning and get on with it.

Well, you started off this year by giving away your album for free, how has that worked out for you?

J: Yeah definitely a good idea, especially with the move from Candlelight records to Earache (records), it put us in a lot of places we wouldn’t normally be…good for promotion. It’s still there for (free) download now (on the earache website).

What’s the plan for Savage Messiah now? To continue touring or is it new album time?

J: We’re currently in the midst of writing for a new record, it’s coming on real strong. In terms of touring we’ve got some bits coming up but then come October we’ve got some big big stuff planned and the end of the year holds something special, can’t really say much about it…

Oh right! Big support slot or your own shows?

J: Ha Ha I can’t say, but when it’s announced it’ll be really good.

Going back to the new album then, how it sounding?

J: We’re not taking any drastic changes in style or direction, but it’s starting to develop a lot more heavier and aggressive than our previous stuff.

Do movements like ‘New Wave of Thrash’ or ‘Trad Metal’ mean anything to a band?

J: No not really, we just try to do our own thing. Obviously we have had a bit of a step up through bands like Evile, we’ve sort of followed them through.

Talking of Evile, they are up on the main stage tomorrow, does that inspire you to keep plugging away?

J: Yeah definitely, we’ve toured with Evile, they’re great, maybe next year…if someone asked us we’d definitely do it!

Does it make you a bit jealous?

J: No, they’ve worked hard, they deserve it, it’s almost a home gig for them so it’ll be a great show.

OK, last one! Olympic fever has gripped the UK lately so what event would Savage Messiah enter themselves for in the games?

J: Gotta be the beach volleyball, Savage Massiah vs the Evile guys…all greased up!

‘Plague of Conscience’ is availble now on Earache Records (for free or to pay for!)


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