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Interview with JB from GRAND MAGUS

We caught up with JB from Grand Magus, just after their awesome set at Bloodstock 2012, to discuss the new album, UK tour possibilities and his favourite Olympic event…


Hi JB, you’ve just rocked the main stage at Bloodstock, how was it for you?

JB: Really good thanks yeah, we had a good turnout and the crowd got into it.

We heard that you had a bit of a nightmare getting to the festival?

JB: Yeah we’re pretty busy this weekend, so a lot of travelling. We had some traffic problems and only got here 20 minutes before we got on stage. It was a rush but you know… we just keep on metalling through!

You play a lot of the festivals, how does Bloodstock rate on the world scale?

JB: Oh it’s great, one of the good ones. There is a really good atmosphere here and the line-up is always strong, I would put it in the top 5 of festivals to play for sure.

I first saw Grand Magus at Bloodstock, I loved your ‘True’ Heavy Metal approach. Is that something you try to stick to religiously or is that just what comes out when you are writing?

JB:  It’s who we are you know, we’ve never been part of any movement like second wave of blah blah blah or whatever. This is what we’ve been doing for fifteen years so we just get on with it.

Do labels and pigeonholing of bands annoy you?

JB: You know I think everyone has to label things it’s just natural, it doesn’t bother me!

So your new album ‘The Hunt’ just came out this summer. Was it a difficult album with all the upheaval in the band?

JB: Yeah! I don’t know how we made it really because we lost the drummer, so we had to get a new one, we got a new record deal and err 2 tours and the album on top. I don’t know it must have been pure metal will that pulled us through, it was tough but I’m very proud of what we’ve done. The band is on fire right now.

Are there any sour grapes left over from the parting with Roadrunner Records?

JB:  No, Roadrunner doesn’t exist anymore so it’s hard to have a grudge against something that’s not there. The whole thing was to do what happened later on…it’s called the ‘music business’ not ‘music friends’ so you just have to keep on going.

We see you over here at the festivals quite often but not so much with your own shows, can we expect a UK tour in support of the album?

JB: Yeah sure, err early next year we’re doing Europe and probably the UK as well…

Is that a Grand Magus headlining tour?

JB: Yeah…probably, I hope so.

OK then, what would you’re event be in the Olympics should you have to do one?

Ah, the javelin throw no question, I did a bit in school…I love all the throwing disciplines.


‘The Hunt’ is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.

Rob W


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