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Goodbye, Labrador are officially back!

[pullquote]So say hello to Goodbye, Labrador, they’re here for a while yet, this dog’s not just for one album it’s here for life.[/pullquote]

Goodbye, Labrador are officially back! After 2 years of waiting Goodbye, Labrador have released a new album. For those who aren’t in the know, they are a  four piece band based in Brooklyn, New York, the members consist of; Phil Gold on Guitar, Percussion and Vocals, Gonçalo Hippolito Martins on Bass and Vocals, Martin Pípal on Guitar and Vocals and J. M. Silverman on Drums and Percussion; with additional vocals by Sara Sezifredo. Sara Sezifredo is an unsigned artist that is up and coming, she’s new and has a quirky way of doing things, Goodbye, Labrador have struck gold recording with her.      

So say hello to Goodbye, Labrador, they’re here for a while yet, this dog’s not just for one album it’s here for life.

They formed in 2008 because of their shared love of 80’s punk and 90’s post-punk music, but soon split to live in different cities. The band reformed in 2009 to record and released a number of tracks in 2010.  The following year the (guys) went on performing live shows and developed a fan base and are now based in New York City.

This year they’ve come back with a dreamy, guitar lead album, “A Thousand Times Before” that is being released on August 6th.  With tours in the US and Europe to follow. Tracks to listen out for are; ‘Intrepid’, ‘Sirens’, ‘Falling Away’, ‘Embrace’ ‘The Stranger’, ‘Silence of me’, ‘Memoir’ .

Goodbye, Labrador describes their recording and writing sessions as intense and passionate, bound together by sheer friendship, determination and their creative voices. Fortunately for us that intense, friendly passion continues and the band are currently writing more material for singles release.

When Sezifredo is accompanying them I can hear a resemblance to the London group 2:54; with that kooky voice of hers and the way that the guitar is played, they would make a great collaboration. You will like these if you like, 2:54

With late 80’s / early 90’s retro being all the rage (not to mention a band of husky voiced men), Goodbye, Labrador are certainly current. If that’s your thing then, no contest, you’re sorted. If it’s not your usual choice then I suggest you try them out… I think you will be pleasantly surprised.


L. Hutchon

Editor of LLR since 2005

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