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Glass Caves  – ‘Alive’ – Review

Alternative-rockers Glass Caves release their debut album ‘Alive, a vibrant blend of familiar sounds and signature hooks. The Leeds locals Glass Caves are the kind of band that come around once a blue moon, combining the raw energy of a live set into one compact EP. 

Glass Caves are a very muscular force in contemporary music, having forged a fan-base from coast- to-coast, and sold out venues up-and-down the country. Their music is energetic cocktail, infused with passion, and catchy-to-a-fault. It’s obscene that ‘Alive’ hasn’t caught the airtime it so rightly deserves. I can guarantee this song at the top of any playlist come the festival circuit.

‘Alive’ is a jukebox of tasty samples, each track tantalising and moreish, an incredibly intuitive debut album, showing hints of a band way and beyond their years.

The lead single ‘Go’ produced by John Davis is incredibly indicative of their sound. Davis known for his work with Royal Blood and Catfish and the Bottlemen, truly has an ear for talent, with both the later and the former producing rave reviews with the release of their debut albums last year, so it’s no wonder that I forecast a fine year for these Yorkshire boys.

The full album is ready for your sampling at soundcloud

And for download on their website:


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