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Funeral Suits::: Hands Down Review

Hands Down is the latest single from the Dublin quartet who are forging ahead with their distinctively offbeat and expansive sound. It’s a track that is reminiscent of acts like Animal Collective and The Knife. It’s a killer tune from a band that are making all the right noises. Stylistically the wheel hasn’t been reinvented here but it’s nonetheless a very strong track.  The mixture of euphoric melody, soaring chorus and a hint of electronica all combine to make ‘hands down’ an infectious mix of blistering rock goodness. It’s the fourth track to be released from the band’s Stephen Street produced debut ‘Lily of the Valley’ and the single is due out on Ocotber 16th, before which the lads are going to be embarking on an extensive U.K. tour. On the basis of this new track they’re going to be well worth checking out.


Niall Healy.

Editor of LLR since 2005

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