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From the Vault – Artist Of The Month – Luxury Stranger


My first choice for Reverbnation Artist of the Month are Luxury Stranger, a
Nottingham based band featuring founder member and prolific songwriter Simon York, drummer Tim Smith and bassist Tim Bond.

Their dark, intoxicating sound hints of the post punk brilliance of Echo and the Bunnymen mixed with with classic sounds of early Cure, but to just pigeon-hole them in this category would do them a disservice and certainly sell them short.

Sample track ‘Nothing Holy’ is a beguiling insight. Lyrically it is decadently
reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore and musically it is also ticking all the boxes with a combination of influences coming through. You just know that anyone that can produce music and words like this would surely have a record collection that would be worth a look.

When lead singer Simon proclaimed “It’s so hot tonight” at the opening of the track it’s with such conviction and passion that even on a winters day you can feel the warmth rising.

They breathe new life into the alternative rock genre and are heavily in demand both in the UK and Europe, where they have been riding high in the alternative music chart for over a month nestling comfortably with the likes of Bowie and Suede.

Luxury Stranger are currently recording their eagerly awaited third album, and their ‘Commitment and Discipline’ and ‘Desolation’ albums frequently sell out at their gigs.

They can be found at, on twitter @LuxuryStranger and on the Luxury Stranger Facebook page.

Jackie Nutty

Editor of LLR since 2005

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