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From the Vault – A Tale of Two Cities::: New Horizons


Dickensian is the last adjective you think of when listening to the Bristolian’s debut EP. There’s not a stovepipe hat in sight, instead you’ve got some distinctly garage sounding indie rock on show. They’ve been threatening to make a breakthrough for a while on the strength of a solid live reputation. The quintet have been ploughing their guitar shaped furrow since 2009 and with their debut EP ‘New Horizons’ they may finally start coming to a bit more prominence.

Things kick off with single ‘Four Words’ – It’s an up-tempo, high paced number that sets the tempo for proceedings, it’s all catchy riffs and pounding percussion. Karl Ficarotta’s vocal works well with the rampant fretplay. ‘Familiar Traits’ is pushed by a pounding bass and Ficarotta’s vocal comes to the fore again. ‘Fire Burning Through Our Wings’ is probably the least striking track on the EP. Proceedings are rounded off by ‘Machine’ a solid enough finish to an EP that ticks all the rock boxes.

Overall it’s a promising enough showing form the lads from the Southwest of England. They have crafted an EP that is guitar heavy and will appeal to those who like their rock without pretension or a reliance on over-emoting. Worth a look.

Niall Healy.

Editor of LLR since 2005

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