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Ex-Mastery Drummer Kevan Roy Launches Instructional Metal Drumming Website

Ex-Mastery drummer Kevan Roy was recently injured in a motorcycle accident, but that has not slowed him down even for a second. Roy has launched the new instructional metal drumming website,, as an online resource tool for aspiring drummers around the world. The website features video instruction by Kevan Roy himself, as well as drum covers, online discussion of drumming techniques and a social community for metalheads to discuss their favorite metal music.

“I’ve been working on this idea for quite some time now,” said Roy. “It was born out of my own experience as an aspiring drummer early on, searching for resources to help me learn mad skills. At that time, I found it really frustrating on a number of levels. One, I certainly couldn’t find any teachers privately who could teach me what I wanted to know, and two, of the very few video offerings available for metal at the time, most of them seemed to be more just awesome entertainment than in-depth education. The challenge now, with online resources available in abundance, is that the market is largely saturated with inconsistent and often unreliable instruction. I’ve seen too many videos of ‘teachers’ who can’t even play to a click or in time! Or worse, giving out advice on stretching or drum workout routines that is flat out wrong, potentially putting the viewer at risk of injuring their joints and tendons! With Metal Drumming Mastery the goal was to create a drum training system that was cutting edge and more comprehensive than anything currently available online. I believe we did just that. Instructors who think they’ve got what it takes can also drop us a line to talk about the joining the team, of what is the ultimate portal for drumming online.”

Kevan Roy served as the drummer for thrash group Mastery on their debut album Lethal Legacy, which was released through Universal/Navarre in North America and Sanctuary in Europe. The album drew critical acclaim from Metal Maniacs who proclaimed, “While Lethal Legacy pays homage to the classic thrash of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s with nods to Testament, Forbidden, Vio-lence and Metallica, it doesn’t sound as if the band are pinning for the glory days.” Decibel Magazine also sang praise for Mastery’s brand of “instru-metal”, as they gave the band a whopping 9/10 and called them, “Mastery of Puppets”.



Kevan is currently working on a new metal project and is expected to make announcements in the coming weeks.

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