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DISSIPATE ‘Tectonics’ E.P. Review

DISSIPATE, a four piece tech metal band from California release their debut EP with stunning style and incredible form. Opening with an almost frantic showing of technique ‘Tectonics’ tries to move the Earth with a sound bordering on excessive. A brutish showing of technicality that sits closely with a vast sense of genius ‘Motion’ is constructed with thought and serious talent.

‘Becoming the Mantis’ is one of my favourite tracks on the EP it employs a tone that could make even the most hardened metal fan tingly, and a bewildering array of riffs that exemplify the undoubted talents of guitarist Mike Gianelli but more importantly the band as whole. As well as a bass section that could cause the bluest of whales to shit their own undies.

The vocals are haunting at times in a style perfected by Chino Moreno of Deftones in ‘Mech Fail’, a song that shows the breadth of character in the front-mans Joshua Foster voice. The contrast of the latter half of the song is almost gentle outlining that Dissipate don’t just write exceptionally heavy riffs but well constructed melody as well.

The EP is well constructed showing a breadth of flair and musical knowledge seldom seen even in Tech metal. With an anger and passion unsurpassed by others and with such an abusive sound you will not want to miss out on TECTONICS.


J Rangeley

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