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Correatown – Further

Correatown is the project of Angela Correa, who took the name because it “was a name someone called her once.” The bio on her website explains an in-depth and extensive narrative how this embodies her, describing the haze of lights and a cloudy night sky.

Born in Yuba City in Northern Carolina, Correa has been making music for the past few years, gaining a respected reputation in LA’s Eastside music scene.

The single Further is due for release on July 17th with her album coming out on August 27th; the UK will get to experience this beautiful chanteuse when she tours during her album launch.

Further hooks you in form the start. The repetitive twinkly piano riff intro is too sweet to annoy, layered with a constant synth of sound.  Correatown’s vocal is soft and stunning, layered harmonies jump in and out, enhancing the vocal, resonating in a seamless flow of simplicity.

The track, which has already been featured on American TV programmes, is a memorable piece; reflective and perfect for a summer’s day.

It cannot help but evoke emotions  with an honesty to the lyrics “If I can’t let this go, I’m telling you I won’t make it another, year” and “‘cos we have so much love but we need so more” words, that if read as stand alone lines, would tell a story; Correatown are making music which is poignant and poetic.

The production is unpretentious, with the melodic sound and enchanting harmonies adding a depth to the track.  The instrumentation builds to a powerful final chorus, the lyrics repeated to emphasise their questioning nature, and draw out some of the darker statements “we have a fascination with the darkness.”

It is hard not to fall for Correa’s voice; her sweetness and heart-breaking tone are surrounded by an accomplished production, it is comprehensive but compromising ; close your eyes and it completely captures you.

Fran Bonner – June 2012


Editor of LLR since 2005

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