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Catch Fire – live @ Nottingham Rescue Rooms, w/ These Minds & High Tides 20/08/2016


Catching a hometown show is usually an enjoyable affair, despite the extended pressure to impress. However, Nottingham based pop punks Catch Fire made sure there was no disappointment; completely captivating the audience with a show stopping performance to a sold out Rescue Rooms. Following the successful release of their debut EP, ‘The Distance I Am From You’, frontman Miles Kent and the midlands based boys had a lot of ground to cover if they wanted to succeed.

Opening up the night were High Tides, a fellow midlands based 5 piece. From the off, frontman Chris oozed energy, leaving the stage to sing with the gathered crowd. Despite only touring with one EP, ‘Home Truths’, fan favourites were obvious, with hits such as ‘Opia‘ and ‘Useless’. The release was a clear sign of UK pop punk in its stride; passion was certainly present within this set, which gave a promising outlook for the Nottingham/ Derby boys.

Further up north sees Leeds based These Minds. Being a fan made this performance all the more special. Despite the small crowd, these guys made the room their own; creating a personable approach which was extremely refreshing. Kicking off with their newest release ‘Emley Moor Mast’ taken from awaited release ‘Pour Out’, it’s easy to see why the boys have so much energy, each song prompting a sing along from front to back. Older songs such as ‘Want’ and ‘Figure Out’ also showcased some incredible musical talent, despite some clear sound difficulties. However, another promising performance, extending a future for the UK pop punk scene.

Selling out your first headline show must be an exciting achievement. Catch Fire made no excuse, as they fired the crowd up, opening with fan favourite ‘Wild Things’ (Alessia Cara Cover). Confidence shined through Kent, as he engaged with the energetic crowd throughout the set. The challenge of standing out within this overly crowded pop punk scene can be difficult, but within the first few songs, it’s clear to see why this five piece have such a dedicated following. Well-structured and full of angst; young but with their feet firmly on the ground. The buzz continued through the night with favourites such as ‘Bad Behaviour‘, and even with acoustic hit ‘Introspective Pt ll’, with Kent leading the crowd into an emotional chorus.

A short but electric set shows us why Catch Fire are set for big things within the pop punk scene.

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