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Beacons Festival Review- Day Two. (Saturday)


After a long night of trying to get sleep from the odd location in which our tent was set up, it was time to get back to the music. First up was Grass House a four piece band from Yorkshire that is made up of, Liam, Ross, Steven and Nick. They played on the stage, with their catchy beat and vocals reminiscent of Johnny Cash, it was an immense performance, and the whole crowd was thrilled on this warm Saturday afternoon. They sounded like The Doors and The Smiths with a hint of White Lies.


After that it was a quick dash to The Stool Pigeon stage where 2:54 were playing. The lead singer and the lead guitarist are sisters; Colette Thurlow and Hannah Thurlow, the drummer and bassist are friends of the sisters all from London and together they make awesome music. They sound a lot like The Cure and My Bloody Valentine mixed together. The vocals are very strong and they create a wall of noise when you walk into the tent. Very atmospheric. They are as good live (if not better) than they are on their record. The whole tent was backed, and Jeff was there; Jeff is a minor celebrity on the festival circuit and you know if they’re a good act if he’s there. I got hold of 2:54 after their slot and asked them a few questions;

So are you enjoying the festival so far?

“We are, the acts are great.”

Are you staying for much more or are you on your way home?

“We’re staying for Wild Beasts tonight, we haven’t seen them since the tour so it’ll be nice to see them. I guess we’ll see you at the front!”

 Soon after 2:54 we saw Japandroids a remarkable two man band from Canada. In the band they have Brian King; Guitar and Vocals, and David Prowse on drums and vocals. Even though there is no bass it’s not noticeable, you can see how absorbed in the music they both get whilst playing; you can tell that it’s not just for work that they are playing- it’s  enjoyment and music. Their strong heavy beats were a real crowd pleaser. They had the sound of husky Green Day vocals with a bit of Feeder and Vampire Weekend it was a great mixture that had everyone really loving it and dancing around.

 Now for a different tempo completely, King Krule is a group of four men, they seemed very well known in the tent as it was packed full of fans that were excited to see them. The start of the show was jazzy and very atmospheric. Nearer to the end of the show it moved into a grungy rocky feel. They sounded a lot like Razorlight and Arctic Monkeys. Everyone was enjoying themselves and was having fun in the evening of a warm day (for Leeds!).

 After that Swim Deep made an appearance and rocked out on the stage on Saturday evening. The four man band from Birmingham has an authentic feel to their music. The tent had a lot of people in it, and they had great stage presence. The lead singer was jumping all over the place – clearly a man who loves what he does. They have the sound of MGMT’s vocals with a tad of Kula Shaker; the jangly, poppy, grungy sound was just incredible.

 Finally it was time for Wild Beasts the big headliner at Beacons festival, and they really did live up to their name. They were wild beasts (in a good way). With their alternate rock/pop music the whole tent was packed. They played on the biggest stage, The Stool Pigeon, and they owned it. Not a single person wasn’t dancing and jumping about. It was certainly a good way for Beacons Festival to end the Saturday. Wild Beasts are a four piece band from Kendal, they sound like Beach House mixed with The Maccabees, and with some of The Horrors vocals.

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