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Anthrax – Chile on Hell CD/DVD


The multi Grammy-nominated leaders of the thrash metal scene have gone all Chile fever with their compelling new cd/dvd release ‘Chile on Hell’ and are already stacking the shelves of many high-street stores.

But before you go on to commit the best crime in the history of music, and reach into those pockets only to produce a 20 dollar bill, I strongly suggest you DON’T pass up on the opportunity to sneak a little footage of Anthrax performing their official live video ‘In the End’ (available to see on youtube) from the band’s stupendously spectacular selection of Anthrax songs.

Coming from a non-hard metal background, my first raw experience of stepping foot into a mad house, I was literally quite shocked to find that I liked it. The thing that made the hairs on my body stand in shock, was the heady combination of the band and the crowd working together to produce a mind-blowing spectacle, that is so emotionally charged, you can’t help but get caught in the moment.

Beyond a trace of doubt, the enthusiastic responses from the crowds is truly infectious to watch. For a nano-second you can’t help but imagine that the hyper-speed network of people cavorting before your eyes, transform into this invisible forcefield which moves and organises the endless wave of energy that winds its way on through the night with the sensual confirmation of each tight sound, equally distributed, and those little moments of ape-like madness just bounce right off it.

The lead singer Joey has the crowd burst into flames upon the impact of his raw sounding voice that reverberates through the damp air, and the crowd’s wolfish cries rise at a booming level as Joey sings his heart out, and commands the crowd into a Chile feverish onset. It beautifully captures the raw and rapid atmosphere of the night and leaves you in complete awe.

Please I beseech you, do not deny yourself this fantastic opportunity to become a proud owner of the tightest rhythm section in the history of heavy metal music. Beyond question these guys own the stage and they’ll positively get you hooked after one hit. You’d be a fool not to see them in action.


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