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Spector Review at the Bodega Nottingham

[pullquote]Spector probably are going to be your new favourite band.[/pullquote]

It is hard to believe as you hear the full to capacity crowd chanting away with front man Macpherson during opening number ‘What You Wanted’ that Spector are yet to release their album. The songs are catchy slices of anecdotal indie intensity and are delivered with a verve and enthusiasm that has the crowd in paroxysms of pleasure with every new offering. Between songs, Macpherson’s dry wit keeps the audience entertained and with the room full of hands swaying in the air during beautiful ballad ‘Grey Shirt and Tie’, it swiftly becomes clear why Spector have garnered such a following.

‘Friday Night’ with its driving rhythm and clap along ending has the crowd bouncing around and ‘Twenty Nothing’ with its four steps to the wreckage of a relationship is like a sonic adrenaline shot in the arm of Britpop. An emotional breakdown of a song with a Mick Ronson style riff punctuating the meltdown, ‘Lay Low’ has Macpherson reaching out to the crowd and juxtaposing a vocal that soars and dips sublimely with a screaming negation of the protagonist’s power to illuminate.

‘Celestine’ launches a new level of adoration in the crowd and I should have noted down a reference to the brilliantly building chorus and melodic music and probably something about Macpherson’s impassioned vocals, but I didn’t. I just wrote the name of the song; Spector had swept me away with their sparkling indie anthem and I was too busy dancing and singing along with the rest of the crowd to succinctly state the song’s success. I continued with this irresponsible attitude as Spector stormed through the pounding ‘Chevy Thunder’ and understanding through personal experience that someone can fall for an idea rather than a reality I take the line as a lyric to lamentable lovers and jump around with the crowd.

Ending with ‘Never Fade Away’, performed furiously by band and crowd alike, arms are swaying in the air and it feels like we are watching the headline band at a summer festival. The crowd are rapturous in their applause and I suddenly remember that I was meant to be analysing the performance not just enjoying myself. What do you want me to say? Spector probably are going to be your new favourite band…go and watch them yourself and quickly before they are just a tiny speck on a stadium stage. Just be aware that your brain will then be full of Spector songs and you won’t be able to concentrate on anything other than their upcoming album release…you have been warned!  

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